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Little Tikes
Wide Tracker
Activity Walker

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  • Ready for a special delivery of fun? This Activity Walker keeps kids rolling along happily for hours
  • Featuring a wide handle and stable base, this colorful toy is easy for kids to hold onto and walk behind
  • Soft textured wheels with speed adjustments prevent slips and tumbles
  • Grows with your child - it folds down for floor play for a young baby, then opens into a walker as the child grows
  • Features tons of stimulating, skill-building activities including a spinner, a clicking caterpillar and butterfly, a sliding bee and three "letters" to drop into the mail slot or store behind the two flip down doors

Recommended age:

  • 6 - 36 months

Reward points:

12 points. Learn more.

Retail: $59.90

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This walker is great!

Written by Cheri Oo

This walker is great, we love its speed adjustment as our baby is just starting to learn to walk. The wide handle also allows baby to hold it easily to push forward. She's having so much fun with this that we are renting it for one more month!

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