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Safety First
Jitter Buggy

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  • Put baby behind the wheel with the all new Safety 1st Rockin' Jitter Buggy. This bouncin', rockin', lights-and-sounds vehicle comes fully loaded with electronic and interactive toys for baby's non-stop entertainment
  • Seven electronic toys and four manual toys encourage interactive play and fine motor skill development as baby spins, pushes and pulls on these easy to use, easy to reach, fun filled toys
  • Seat spins 360 degrees for complete access to all toys
  • Rocking and bouncing action entertains baby and promotes exercise
  • Comes with 3-level height adjustment

Recommended age:

  • 6 months to walking age

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Retail: $269.00

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My son loves the Jitter Buggy!

Written by Charlene Geisler

He actually bounces with the Jitter Buggy. The attached toys were able to hold his attention for a long time and he also enjoys being able to turn himself round and round. I especially love the little handphone toy that was attached to the side. It kept his attention and since it has a string attached, we don't have to worry about having to keep picking up any fallen toys. My husband was so pleased with it and said that we should consider buying the toy for him. Thanks for your great service.

Cutest stationery entertainer!

Written by Iris Kim

This is the cutest stationery entertainer that parents with very young babies should try to let them experience it once (at least in the early part of their lives). My then 12 months old baby loved it the moment we placed her in it. She could not wait to explore with all the toys on it. She enjoyed feeding herself with the snacks that we placed in the snack holder for her (that came with a lid and mirror). She relaxed when we rocked her gently from all directions.

We watched him in amazement...

Written by KELVIN WEE

This toy provided such great fun for our baby Zachary when he was 7 months that he went laughing and screaming whenever he's in this car. When he first saw this toy he was so excited that the moment we put him in, he kept turning around and jumping. The jitter buggy has helped to develop Zachary's mental and physical coordination as the entire car would bounce up and down when he jumped and he has learnt to stop it from bouncing by straightening his leg to stand still. We watched in amazement how he had mastered this by himself and he would laugh loudly. At first he could not play all the 4 manual toys but by the end of the rental, he is able to move the steering wheel with 2 hands and he knows exactly where are the buttons to press for sound. We even extended the rental as he's having so much fun driving his little "car".

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