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  • This active play station of musical mayhem and mirth is a candy store of sight, sound and action for the inquisitive child
  • With so much to do - sitting or standing - there's no end to the exploration of songs, shapes, letters, textures, colors, even actitivties: from ball drop to keyboards to levers that respond to the touch with sound and ultimately, learning opportunities
  • There are 45 interactive touch points and two fun learning modes: Learn & Grow and Compose & Play
  • Just flip the "smart" book page to transform learning activities into musical adventures
  • Your child can bat, tug and push interactive points to learn about colors, shapes, textures and cause and effect
  • Toddlers discover and create by playing alphabet, counting, rhyming, opposites and musical games

Recommended age:

  • 6 to 36 months

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Strongly recommend this toy!

Written by Audrey Ang

My 10mth old daughter was at it the moment she laid eyes on it! She loved standing up and playing with the different keys, pull tabs and, especially the ball drop, which occupied her no end. This was a welcome change for mummy and grandma as, until i rented the leapfrog learn-around playground, practising standing up and playing with the remote controls and knick knacks on the coffee table had been her favourite activity. I strongly recommend this for any curious cruiser.

It motivates my baby to stand!

Written by Pauline Yong

This is a toy all about fun learning! It has so much - colours, shapes, textures, music - and it introduces the 'cause and effect' idea to my baby! 'Cause and effect' from the bounced froggy, merry-go-round froggy and tunneling balls! Also by pressing each letter, it sings to that letter! The best thing about this toy - IT MOTIVATES MY "HEAVY CHAMPION" to finally stand!

Worth any child's time

Written by Wen Tan

This play station is worth any child’s time. At 1-year old, my son enjoyed sitting and tugging the levers beneath to hear songs on colour & shape. His favourite was ball drop which identified the colour of ball. An interesting toy which made good use of music and lights. I re-rented when he was 2+ yrs old. He now focused on keyboards & responded very well with number songs and colourful lightups! Ball drop remains his all-time favourite, but he also played the a-b-c and frog-bicycle. Each episode/jingle is short & sweet, that is why they go very well with toddlers’ short attention span. Highly recommended.

I extended the rental period

Written by Ivy Chai

My 1 year old baby likes to play with the balls especially tunneling the balls. While learning to walk, she would practise standing and start pressing the froggy or merry-go-round frog. She also likes to flip the "smart" book page to transform learning activities into musical adventures. When tired, she would sit down and pull the tabs with shapes as they come with music. Upon seeing how much my baby has enjoyed this toy, i decided to extend my rental period.

Renting this again for 2nd boy

Written by sophia evangel cheah

I rented this toy when my boy is 8 months, to help him to stand. I wanted this very much because it helps him to stand and learn to flip a page, spin the apple etc. Something to do as he learn to stand, and boy he can stand for a long time as the music entertain him. When he gets tired there are activity while he is sitting down. I am renting this again for my second boy to train his standing power.

The toy is so engaging!

Written by Wan Ying Ong

Strongly recommend this toy to babies who can sit well and are learning to stand! The drop holes for the balls are at different heights and I was amazed that my girl learnt to put the ball in whilst she sits after teaching her a few times. She also tries to stand whilst playing and holding on to the toy. The toy is so engaging that subconsciously she just learns to stand! It also encourages her to take small steps to the side to reach the other side of the toy. This toy is so engaging that baby can go on rotating between crawl, sit and stand for a very long time. Although parental supervision is necessary, the joy of watching the child learn is worth every minute with her on the toy!

Hold attention for a long time

Written by May Lee Wong

Rented this toy based on the good reviews. Didn't disappoint. It was able to hold my son's attention for a long time. He likes to dance to the many different music, play the spinning frog and grab the balls as they roll down the tunnel, grabs the different keys and ribbons. Encourages him to sit and stand up at the same time. Good exercise. This toy can topple over baby so parental supervision is needed. But overall a good activity table for baby. A lot of different activities to explore.

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