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Fisher Price
2-in-1 Activity Wagon

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  • Six special blocks come to life with light-up effects, music and sounds
  • Baby can stack lots of blocks or play with the flip-up door, teeter-totter, sliding beads and big spinning drum, or send blocks down into drop-through storage
  • The wagon's flip-out handle makes it a perfect pull-along toy with music and lights marking the way
  • Baby will be enthralled with its countless colorful objects, interesting sounds, motions and textures, all of which help to develop motor skills, stimulate the senses and encourage cognitive abilities

Recommended age:

  • 6 months and up

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Enjoying this toy now!

Written by Iris Kim

My 13 months old baby is enjoying this toy now as I speak. On the first day of its arrival, we were quite amazed that at this age she actually understood the words “push the wagon” when we held up the handle and positioned both her hands on it to move the wagon forward. We were “tickled upside down” when her mobility and ability at the moment only enabled her to push the wagon in one forward direction. She relies on us to help with her turnings (left, right and U-turns). We wished our home has a wide open space then, so that she could have an endless uninterrupted straight road/path to travel! The blocks are her favourites too. She holds one in each hand and walks around the house banging them onto hard and soft surfaces to hear the different sounds they make! She likes to try to sit on the wagon too and is especially delighted when the lights flickers in the dark while she is pushing it! The only downside is that the handle makes a loud thud on hard floors when not held and tend to scare baby a little, when this happens, she abandons the idea of pushing it for the rest of the day!

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