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Fisher Price
Laugh and Learn
Learning Home

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  • Baby loves crawling through the big blue front door into a two-sided playhouse that encourages exploration of everyday activities and introduces the alphabet and numbers
  • With soothing music, traditional sing-a-long songs and sounds, the Learning Home with shape-sorter and two interactive play modes makes the experience of learning a joy. Baby will learn from cause and effect activities and be rewarded for taking risks
  • On the "outdoor" side, there are doorbell chimes, a rolling garden display, a flower that grows, a mailbox for letters, a sun and moon dial, and more
  • "Indoor" features include a light switch and a singing clock
  • There are 21 songs, all of which are easily heard, electronic, and activated by touching, tweaking, or pulling parts of the play set

Recommended age:

  • 6 months to 3 years

Reward points:

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Retail: $199.90

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My daughter loves this!

Written by Ann Quek

My then 10.5 months daughter loves this learning home. She learns how to press the doorbell, receives mail from the mailbox and open and closes the door. Through the music, she has learnt to move to the music much like dancing!

It intrigued my toddler!

Written by Alice Tan

Everyday things that intrigued my toddler! The clock, the light, the letterbox etc are everyday things that my 13-month-old toddler encounters. He loves switching on and off the light, turning the dial on the clock, opening and closing the letterbox. Of course, most importantly we do not say “NO” when he touches all these things :) This toy is very educational, I used this to teach day and night, open and close, in and out. Now considering whether to buy the toy!

Doesn't get tired of it

Written by Wen Tan

My 17-month boy squeals in joy whenever he opens the door and crawls "in" and "out" of the blue door. When turned to "ABC" mode, he truly likes to hear it say "open" and "close" with very good sound effects of door banging. He also loves to rotate the sun-moon dial and laughs whenever the rooster crows! He responds correctly when asked to "press ding dong doorbell" and "switch on the light". The 3 colourful balls are his favourite treasures. There are so many items in one toy that he doesn't get tired of it as new observations come everyday. Highly recommended.

Definitely value-for-money!

Written by karen tan

This is an incredible toy that's a must-rent! It sustained the interest of my 11-mth old boy throughout the rental period so it's definitely value-for-money. Apart from what has been mentioned by past reviewers, I must say that this was the toy from which my son picked up his first dance moves, became more adept at pressing certain buttons and even acquired a preference for certain melodies! It's a 'home' where he must visit a few times everyday, and we were also able to make it extra fun by having his cuddly soft toys 'drop by' for a visit ;)

Hours of fun playing!

Written by Margaret Lim

Highly recommend this toy to parents with toddler. My grandson has hours and hours of fun playing with it. Many educational features to keep your child occupied. Reasonable price too.

Just so much to do!

Written by Joyce Ma

My 15-mth old loved this toy so much that it was always the first thing she played with everyday. There's just so much to do, from opening the window and door, to flipping the light switch and making the clock chime. Her favourite was the ball drop. Even the songs are enjoyable, and there are so many different ones - I don't get tired of them! I will be renting this again in a few months' time.

Dance to the music & crawl

Written by sharene tan

My 17-mth old loves this toy. He likes to dance to the music and crawl between the doors. He learned how to recognize the shapes too. He is always seen climbing up and down on the little hump behind the letter box. I am considering getting one for him.

Best rental ever!

Written by Rebecca Wong

This was the best rental ever! Not only did it keep my very active 10 month old entertained, but it taught her lots of new skills as well. She learnt how to: - mail letters in the mailbox - how to switch the lights on and off - how to ring the doorbell when we asked, "who's here?" She also loved opening and crawling through the door to explore all the toys and sounds on the other side of the house. What I also liked was that the house is tall and solid so I could walk away knowing that it wouldn't topple on top of her when she would stood up to explore the toys near the roof of the house. Highly recommended!

Sturdy toy!

Written by Fad Halim

I rented this for my 9 month old based on the good reviews. Let me add to the positive comments! Its a sturdy toy so you need not worry it might topple. There's a door and window that open and close. A ball slide at the sides. Some letters/mails. Shaped objects to correspond to shaped indents on the toy. Will rent this again in the future!

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