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Fisher Price
Laugh & Learn
Baby Grand Piano

Tell me more:

  • What a grand way to explore music! Your budding musician will not only enjoy creating concerts, but also will learn about numbers, counting, opposites, colors, tempo, pitch, and music styles
  • A friendly dancing character comes to life as baby plays
  • Keep time and replay songs with a metronome pal
  • Move the slider to learn high and low pitch
  • Turn the dial for fun music and sounds. And make new discoveries every day!
  • Helps baby learn musical concepts such as tempo, pitch and styles and also teaches numbers and colors
  • Includes an interactive songbook with sing-along songs

Recommended age:

  • 9 months and up

Reward points:

25 points. Learn more.

Retail: $154.90

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My kids love it!

Written by Elizabeth Tan

Not only does my 2 year old daughter love this toy, my 5 year old son is enjoying it as well! This toy is simply great as it allows children to be creative in composing their own music. We love that it has 3 different sounds/learning options that my kids never get bored of it! My girl loves watching the moving smiley face and sings along with her favourite song when it is being played.

My sonís favourite toy!

Written by Alice Tan

Definitely one of my sonís favourite toy! This is the only toy that when the music comes on, my 10.5month son will actually sit down quietly to listen to his favourite song, ďMary had a little lambĒ! This is really amazing as my son hardly keep still when he is awake. This toy with its many buttons and levers kept my son happily occupied for the last one month. We will flip the song book together and I will narrate to him what we saw on the songbook: the fishes, the stars, the bears etc. We like the cute and cheerful pictures! This is definitely one of my sonís favourite toy and we will miss it when we return the toy!

My baby plays a pleasing tune

Written by Pauline Yong

Baby Kayden loves to be a musician and a dancer. We discovered. He plays a pleasing tune for 10 seconds! Though is just 10 seconds, I thought it was the most beautiful piece I ever heard! He literally used fingering each note to 'compose' a 10-second piece! In addition, in the music mode - there's a button that showcase fast and slow tempo. Baby Kayden dances - bounces up and down - with the tempo! Colouful, handy and functional toy!

She danced to the songs!

Written by Joyce Ma

My 18-month old loved this toy! She danced to the songs and really liked fiddling with the buttons and lever to listen to the different tunes.

Kept him entertained & smiling

Written by shaheeda pallot

My 8 mth old son's favourite toy! The songs and piano really kept him entertained and smiling. He loves fliping the pages of the book. This toy is great for babies learning to stand too. With this toy we actually witness baby standing hands free for ten seconds! He never seems to get bored of it. I can't help but to exend my loan of this toy for my baby.

Age approriate toy!

Written by Phyllis Wang

My 9 month old loves this toy. It keeps him entertained and helps him to learn standing. The flipping of pages helped develop his finger pincer grasp. He likes the music and dance according to the tempo. I like the music too! A very nice toy to have for his age.

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