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Little Tikes
Discover Sounds

Tell me more:

  • This fun play kitchen playset is an ideal baby and toddler toy
  • Lights, sounds, colors and shapes will captivate your little one
  • Helps develop visual perception, fine motor skills and cognitive processes
  • Babies will have such fun interacting with this specially designed kitchen playset just for them
  • The Discover Sounds Kitchen features shape sorting, lights and sounds and encourages put and take play

Recommended age:

  • 6 to 36 months

Reward points:

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Written by Catherine Ho

I rented this kitchen for two months and it's a joy to watch how my daughter plays with it as she developes. She was about 6 months when the toy first came home. She wasn't very interested in opening the doors or what's behind them. But the sound and light from the 'stove' and 'sink' kept her occupied. Now that she's 8 months, she enjoys knocking the plastic cheese and milk carton against each other - clang! clang!, emptying the little purple pot of its content and opening the doors (fridge, cupboard and oven!) and finding what's behind it! I know she'll miss the toy when we return it tomorrow (I know I will!). But it's time to share it with others!

We’ve really enjoyed this toy!

Written by Alice Tan

My 11-month-old son enjoys opening and closing the doors that this mini kitchen has. I will put different stuffs inside and somehow he’ll never get sick of opening the doors and taking out the stuffs. The tap and the stove look very realistic to me too. I will put the cup on the stove and pretend to make a drink for my son. He will then take the cup from me and make loud slurping sounds as if really drinking. We’ve really enjoyed this toy!

Enjoyed the cooking sounds

Written by Joyce Ma

My 18-month old daughter enjoyed the shape sorter. At first first she was only able to put the egg correctly into the round hole. After a few weeks, she was able to fit the triangle and square as well. She also liked the cooking sounds.

Highly recommended!

Written by Rebecca Wong

My 10 month old had a great time with this toy! She loved opening the doors to the fridge, microwave and stove, and putting all the ingredients away. After a month, she also learnt what the different ingredients were and would fetch them when we asked her for them. Highly recommended!

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