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Foldable Activity Center
Mega Exersaucer

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  • For babies who canít yet stand, this activity center provides valuable leg-strengthening exercise along with multiple brain-building activities
  • The durable, molded plastic construction and three stabilizing feet safely contain an energetic baby in one place as he bounces, rocks, and swivels
  • Baby sits in the center of the wide tray, which is loaded with 9 safari-themed toys that help him reach 10 different developmental milestones plus has a flat area for serving snacks
  • Features a variety of songs to help musical development
  • Helps to build gross and fine motor skills, tactile and visual development, cause-and-effect learning, object permanence, and other skills while at play
  • Fifteen different songs, activated from the tray, help develop babyís musical side
  • Folds flat for traveling and has a built-in handle that makes it easy to carry

Recommended age:

  • 4 months to walking age

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Retail: $249.00

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Different learning experiences

Written by Hwee Lin Yeo

This safari-animals-themed activity centre is a well thought-through toy for fine and gross motor development. The 'animals' come in the form of toys-for-grabs on the station. These give baby different fine-motor and sensory experiences, including finger-spin (rolling rattler), grab-and pull (long-neck girrafe & teddy), side-spin, press, finger-slide, pincer grip and even touch and feel (ruffly touchy-feely zebra). The sizes are just right for little fingers and palms. Each 'animal' also has slightly different texture to entice baby to feel, grab, pull, and even 'gum' (teethers). For example, the giraffe's flexi-long neck can be pulled, and its ears are made of a soft rubbery material which encourages pincer-grip, and gumming. Positions of most of the 'animals' may be switched around, which encourages baby to explore and gives baby a new experience each time there's a change. It was great as an after-food entertainment for my baby, and I could even cook dinner while interacting with her as she plays and explores the different learning experiences offered by the station.

Can't get enough of it!

Written by Lum Nancy

My 5 mth old baby girl simply loves the Evenflo Foldable Activity Center Exersaucer!! The moment we put her into the exersaucer, she immediately grabbed hold of the purple monkey and happily playing with it. You must see her excited look when she saw other toys in the exersaucer!! She seemed so overwhelmed with so many toys that were within her reach that she did not know which one to play first! Despite her tiredness, she played for quite awhile before succumbing to the Zzzz monster. Now we let her play with the exersaucer during her waketimes and she just can't get enough of it :)

She was really excited...

Written by Jacqueline Yu

I rented this Evenflo Mega Exersuacer for my energetic baby girl when she was 5-mths old to keep her entertained during her wake times. She was really excited when she was first put in there, the first thing she did was looking into the purple hippo mirror and smiled. When i pressed the monkey head to play the music, she was amazed and started spining around to find where the music came from. She also learned to grip really well after getting used to the toys around her.

Got the hang of it

Written by Qianru Wang

My son was almost 6 months when I rented the exersaucer. At first, he will only stare at the toy in front of him, not knowing that he could turn to grab other toys or bounce in it. After a few more tries, he got the hang of it and could self-entertain. He loves the spinner and the mirror.

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